Pearl's Birthday

Today was Pearl’s birthday, and she turned 102! It’s astounding how old she is - what an accomplishment. To be that old and be so happy and cheerful; to have loved ones who care for you and surround you; and to be in relatively good health - all wonderful things making her life meaningful and fulfilling.  

Although I couldn’t be with her today, I thought of her, and wished her the happiest and best of days. I hope that this year is good to her and there are many more!

For the first time this summer, the other Co-Directors and I decided to pilot a summer program. What this means is that volunteers who are on campus (a lot of us are researching nearby like me) can go visit their buddies. This idea has been in the works all of last year, and I'm so excited to finally see it get off the ground. I'm very much looking forward to seeing Pearl more this summer and sharing my reflections and experiences here. 

- Ellen Zhang