Pearl Time

Today, besides having lovely weather and being bright and sunny, was also a quiet day with Pearl. when I came in she was sleeping very peacefully in her bed, curled up. As I came in, I touched her and she opened her eyes briefly before settling back into sleep. I didn't want l disrupt her, so I just kept her company.

This visit reminds me of something a nurse told me very recently about Pearl being in Pearl time. It makes a lot of sense given that she's 102 years old. In her room and looking around, I noticed (besides pictures and cards) a letter from the president given to her due to her passing 100 years old. I think it's so cool that her age, and the wisdom and experience that comes with it, is acknowledged and cherished. Although we didn't talk this visit, I felt that I learned something from her in addition to enjoying my time with her.


Ellen Zhang