Let's Write a Poem Together

The visit today was particularly unique. Nancy* and I, due to our love of poetry, decided to write a poem together. What we decided to do was to come up with a line each, and improvise as we went on.

Searching around, we couldn't help but notice the newly fallen snow. The cold had brought me into Hebrew Senior Life, but quickly I had warmed up.

So, we wrote a poem together about snow. I was constantly amazed at the sentiments that she came up with - both for the poem and just in conversation. As someone who has worked with many elderly individuals, I am aware of the wisdom they possess. Yet, Nancy still managed to amaze me. You don’t have to take my word for it - check some of it out for yourself below.  


Poem by Nancy & Ellen


Every snowflake has a different design

Settling upon felt hats, hooded figures, an entire city.


Here, every flake drifts onto the meeting fields


Lots of things are there that we don’t see

Unless you’re clairvoyant


You can see the absence of light but not light itself

           object of light but not light

cannot see individual snowflakes but only massed


see the beauty of light and snow – inner eye that’s open

           look for it

this right here right now is perfection


*Name changed to protect privacy


- Ellen Zhang