In addition to serving individuals with dementia, we aim to strengthen families. 

Before we begin visiting your loved one, we need permission from their guardian, usually a close family member. Alzheimer's Buddies student volunteers undergo a professional training program designed by Harvard Medical School affiliated social workers, geriatricians, and nursing administrators. This training has undergone six years of revision and feedback to teach volunteers how to engage your loved one and be a good friend.  

Please complete the form below to sign up your loved one. Please direct any questions to:

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Your Name
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Alzheimer's Buddies will briefly contact you to confirm your loved one's registration and to extend an invitation to your local chapter's annual family event with your loved one, student volunteers, and other families.
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
At the end of the academic semester, the student volunteer visiting your loved one will mail you a letter reflecting on their friendship with your loved one.
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Your Loved One's Name
Select the Alzheimer's Buddies chapter affiliated with the facility where you loved one lives. Select "I don't know" if you are unsure.
This information will be shared with the student volunteer visiting your loved one. Please feel free to include your loved one's interests, especially music preferences, to help facilitate the start of their new friendship.
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I give my permission for all still and moving images taken or recorded by or on behalf of National Alzheimer’s Buddies or made available to National Alzheimer’s Buddies of my loved one to be used in any or all of the promotional and advertising material of National Alzheimer’s Buddies; and/or provided to any third party, including but not limited to media organizations, government bodies, not-for-profit organizations and National Alzheimer’s Buddies partners, for their use as they see fit.
Permission to Visit *
I, the legal guardian of my loved one, do hereby release National Alzheimer’s Buddies, their local Alzheimer’s Buddies chapter, and the nursing facility from any and all liability relevant to the time spent between the student volunteer and my loved one as it relates to his/her participation in the Alzheimer’s Buddies program. I understand that any information regarding these visits will confidentially be kept within the confines of National Alzheimer’s Buddies.