In addition to serving individuals with dementia, we aim to strengthen families. 

Before we begin visiting your loved one, we need permission from their guardian, usually a close family member. Alzheimer's Buddies student volunteers undergo a professional training program designed by Harvard Medical School affiliated social workers, geriatricians, and nursing administrators. This training has undergone six years of revision and feedback to teach volunteers how to engage your loved one and be a good friend.  

To sign up your loved one, please click on the link for the Alzheimer’s Buddies chapter affiliated with the facility where your loved one lives.

Please direct any questions to:

Boston College

Cal Poly Pomona

Carleton College

Gordon College

Harvard College

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University of California, Davis

University of California, San Diego

University of Exeter

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

University of Minnesota

University of Pennsylvania

Rice University

Rutgers University

Stanford University

Vanderbilt University

Wellesley College

Yale College