Ellen's New Buddy: Nancy

It’s been great getting to know my new buddy, Nancy*. The first couple of visits, it seemed like she was reluctant to meet me. In fact, I would talk to her for a while, and then she would tell me that she wanted to be left alone. After staying a little while longer, I would do as she said because it seemed that she wanted to nap in her bed. However, the nurses say me on the second visit, and told me to just stay with Nancy. So, I did that and gradually we got to know each other better. She remembers my name, and seems to only have slight dementia - it only manifests when she asks me some questions more than once. Nancy is pretty quiet, very sweet, and strong opinionated. Some of my discussions with her have been really interesting!

Lately, we’ve listened to some music and I have showed her pictures from my week. In the future, I hope to read and discuss poetry with her. I know she enjoys it based from her biography. Meanwhile, when asked, Nancy has told me that she used to write poetry and perform in coffeeshops when younger. In particular, I’m interested in sharing some poetry with her and connecting more through this medium of expression. I’ve learned a lot about her: she used to be an avid runner, her son is a neurologist, and she used to be a hospital chaplin. I am looking forward to learning more about Nancy.

*Name changed to protect privacy

- Ellen Zhang