Meet the UPenn Alzheimer's Buddies Student Director team! 

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Enxhi rrapi, Director

What I do: As a candidate for a BA in Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, Enxhi splits her time between lab work and serving the community she grew up in by teaching elementary school students to love math. 
Why I joined NAB: Experiencing the sudden loss of her grandmother, who showed early signs of dementia, Enxhi was inspired to make meaningful connections with elderly individuals. She realized that a friendly conversation and a genuine smile can combat the feelings of isolation and loneliness that so many senior citizens are subjected to.
Future plans and hobbies: Upon graduating from UPenn, Enxhi hopes to continue to serve her community during her gap year before attending medical school. She enjoys staying informed in politics, exploring new music, and completing a daily sudoku puzzle. 

Gino Dettorre, Director

What I do: I am currently studying neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania and pursuing my interests through neurobiology research at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, volunteer work on campus, and volunteering outside of campus through Camp Kesem.
Why I joined NAB: Having served in a local retirement community throughout high school, I came to greatly appreciate the candid conversations and life advice I gained from the elderly. I have been looking to continue similar service at Penn, and I am very excited to help begin Penn's chapter.
Future plans and hobbies: I am on a pre-med track, and I plan to pursue a career in the medical field eventually. I am very interested in oncology, and I plan to work with Doctors Without Borders in the future.

Lien Morcate, Director

What I do: I am a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a major in biochemistry.  Along with my part-time position at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, I also spend time organizing medical brigades and participating in a varsity sport.
Why I joined NAB: After spending nineteen years living with my ninety-four year old grandmother with Alzheimer's, I truly grasped the importance of socialization to the quality of life of an Alzheimer’s patient. I want to be able to give to other senior citizens the care and attention that they, not only deserve, but need.
Future plans and hobbies: After graduating Penn, I would like to participate in several mission trips around the globe before attending medical school. I love to dance, travel, and eat lots of sweets!