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Raumin Neuville, President:

What I do: Raumin Neuville is a junior at UC Davis studying Biological Sciences with emphasis in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. He spends his time volunteering at a student-run clinic which primarily serves the homeless population in the Sacramento area and researching the pathophysiology of traumatic brain injuries.
Why I joined NAB: Raumin's grandfather had developed Parkinson's Disease and required attentive care due to the verbal and mobility setbacks from the illness. By joking around with his grandfather and kindling joy in his grandfather's life, Raumin noticed the impact of his interactions. Through the program, Raumin hopes to relay his similar experience to dementia patients, and create a meaningful relationship with his buddy.
Future plans and hobbies: After graduating from UC Davis, Raumin plans on taking several years off for research before applying for medical school. In his free time, he likes to hit the gym for an intense workout, listen to music, hike, and cook, which further entails his enjoyment of eating food. 
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Mekaleya Tilahun, Vice President:

What I do: Mekaleya Tilahun is a junior at UC Davis studying Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. She spends her time as an intern in a preventative health care advocacy group called “RIVER”, and as an E-board member of MEDLIFE at UC Davis, a national organization dedicated to providing accessible health care through mobile clinics in various countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania and India. 
Why I joined NAB: While Mekaleya has not seen signs of dementia in her grandmother, living with her has opened her eyes to the lonely and often reclusive life of that of an elderly person. Mekaleya is looking forward to creating personal, meaningful relationships with dementia patients in the same way that she has done with her grandmother. She believes that these visits will not only be benefiting the elderly, but also will create a sense of perspective in volunteers, as they will continue to carry these precious memories with them for the rest of their lives.
Future plans and hobbies: As an effort to incorporate her love of art into her schedule, Mekaleya is a recently employed mural painter for the biology learning center. She also enjoys traveling both abroad and locally and hikes regularly with her friends. She plans on taking a gap year to continue volunteering and to travel before attending medical school.

Kristen Hayden, Secretary:

What I do: Kristen Hayden is a third year student at UC Davis studying Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. She interns at a lab doing research on pain and itch neural pathways and works at the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital. 
Why I joined NAB: She believes the interaction between a student and their buddy is beneficial to both parties. It is important to give back to other people, and give patients with dementia the attention and respect that you would want later on in your own life. 
Future plans and hobbies: After graduating from UC Davis, Kristen plans to take a gap year working as an EMT and volunteering at animal shelters before continuing on her education at medical school. When she has the time, Kristen enjoys listening to music of all genres, playing French horn and trumpet, and spending time with family in Arizona. 

Casey Crumrine, Treasurer:

What I do: Casey is a second year honors student at the University of California, Davis who is studying International Relations. She works as an Academic Peer Advisor for the University's Honors Program and is a research assistant for a History Ph.D. candidate on campus. 
Why I joined NAB: Casey is the Treasurer for Alzheimer's Buddies at UC Davis. She joined Alzheimer's Buddies with the hope of making a positive impact on the life of her buddy and their family. As someone who had a grandfather with Alzheimers, Casey hopes to help her buddy and their family through what can be a difficult time.  
Future plans and hobbies: When she is not reading or studying, Casey is hiking, drinking mass amounts of coffee, or volunteering within the Davis and Sacramento area. As of right now, Casey is looking into going to law school or getting an MBA upon graduating from Davis, though the Peace Corps has not been completely ruled out. She hopes to find a career that will allow her to continue to help others. 

Alyssa Fumagalli, Media Coordinator:

What I do: Alyssa Fumagalli is a junior at UC Davis studying Psychology and Communications. She is a performing member of Released Contemporary Dance Company on campus and is also actively involved in Greek Life. 
Why I joined NAB: Growing up around a grandmother and great-aunt with Alzheimer's Disease, I realized at a young age that extremely meaningful and insightful relationships can be formed with members of this population. As Media Coordinator, it is my goal to highlight these unique relationships and promote Alzheimer's awareness in the Davis community. 
Future plans and hobbies: After my graduation from UC Davis, I hope to work in the field of Clinical Psychology and provide care for individuals suffering from mental illness.