Meet Allie


This past visit was extra special because it was Easter Sunday! All of the residents had a huge lunch buffet, and were feeling extra lethargic in the late afternoon from all of the food and candy. We arrived at Abe’s Gardens at 3:00pm where children and dogs were running around and families were spending time with their loved ones. The mood was uplifting and the residents were happy.

Both of my buddies were exhausted from their long day of fun, but Mrs. King still wanted to spend time with us. My friend, Katey, and I both visit Mrs. King every other visit. She was so excited to see us again even though she was too full and tired to join the other residents. As soon as we walked in she exclaimed, “You’re back?!” and offered us some of her easter chocolates. She said, “Take a look in the top drawer over there,” and when we opened the door there were around twenty Ferrero Rochers (her favorite chocolate) individually wrapped in tin foil. Mrs. King insisted that Katey and I take one even though they are her absolute favorite. After chatting for a bit, we left to let Mrs. King take her post-buffet siesta. Even though we didn’t get to spend much time with her, it was rewarding that she finally remembered us! We went on to join more of our friends and their buddies participating in a group yoga session. Katey and I made more friends in the home, and had a great time doing yoga with the residents for the rest of our time there. Our time with Mrs. King is always so much fun and so rewarding. Each time we learn something new and I think we all brighten each other’s day. I am excited to see her again this weekend, and spend more time with my other buddy, Waneta!



Allie Weiss is a senior at Vanderbilt University studying Medicine, Health, and Society with a concentration in Health Behaviors and Health Sciences, along with a minor in Communication Studies.

In addition to her interest in healthcare, Allie joined Alzheimer’s Buddies because Alzheimer’s runs in her family. She wanted to be part of this organization after having witnessed the effects of the disease on her great grandmother. From this experience she realizes the importance of normalcy and companionship for individuals with Alzheimer's, and hopes to form meaningful relationships with her buddies at Abe’s Garden.


Allie plans to continue her passion for healthcare post-graduation. She will be working as a Credentialed Trainer with Epic at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her hobbies include running or anything and everything fitness. She also loves eating at local restaurants and exploring all Nashville has to offer.