Hair day

Today was hair day at Abe’s! Everyone was confidently rocking a fresh new style. This week I was supposed to visit my buddy, Miss. Waneta, but she was still busy being pampered when I got there. Although I missed Miss. Wanera, I got to spend another day with Mrs. King! She had a brand new hairdo and pink manicure. As soon as I came in she ran to her room and brought me a snickers bar because she remembered I have a sweet tooth just like her! Today was my first day having dinner with my buddy and her friends. She enjoyed a nice prime rib, baked potato and veggies; and in true Jean King style she had two servings of ice cream. We chatted at dinner and I got to meet her friends Roger and Miss. Jane. I was telling Roger about a race I am running in Nashville tomorrow, and he told me about how he used to run long distances back home in Arkansas. After dinner and dessert we took a walk outside in the courtyard and enjoyed the beautiful weather today.


Side note: On my way into Abe’s, I had the pleasure of meeting a woman on a walk named Joanna. Joanna lives in a retirement home right next door and happened to be walking by. She sported a purple walker covered in Hawaiian leis. I complimented her leis, and we got to talking about so many different things. She said she loves having the leis on her walker because when she walks into Abe’s to see her friends, the colorful flowers always brighten their day. I also learned that her husband was from Poland, and they were there during the war. Joanna shared some incredible stories about her past and her family. She mentioned a couple of her friends who lived in Abe’s, and that if I saw them I should say hi - one of those friends was Miss. Jane who I met at the dinner table! When I mentioned Joanna and how she told me to look out for Miss. Jane, her face lit up. Overall, I got to enjoy dinner and a beautiful walk with my buddy, and make some friends along the way.