Rowan Weiss, Director:

What I do: I am a senior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences and Psychology, and minoring in Public Health. I spend time volunteering in a therapy group for people with aphasia. 

Why I Joined the NAB: I've seen first-hand how NAB improves the disposition of people living with Alzheimer's. I hope to build a positive and impactful relationship with my residents, as well as cultivate my skills as an empathetic and effective future clinician.

Future plans and hobbies: After graduating from the University of Minnesota, I hope to attend graduate school and become a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Tessa day, director:

What I do: I am a sophomore at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities studying Genetics, Cell Development, and Biology as well as Public Health. I spend time volunteering at the children's hospital and volunteering in a research lab on campus studying the effects of road deicers on butterfly neural development.

Why I joined NAB: I worked in a nursing home throughout high school, and I got to know a lot of the residents really well. I wished that I had more time to spend just talking with the residents and so I was really excited when I heard about NAB because it encompasses my favorite parts of my time working in a nursing home. And in addition I know from that first hand experience how much taking time to talk with a resident with Alzheimer's can lighten their mood and make their day.

Future plans and hobbies: In the future I want to attend medical school and go into pediatrics or internal medicine. But before I go to medical school I want to travel as much as possible!