Hoangnghi Duong, Director:

What I do: Hoangnghi Duong is a sophomore at UIC pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences. She spends her time working in a Microbiology Lab at the University of Illinois hospital and as a second year health educator of Peer Health Exchange, she volunteers to teach health curriculum to high school freshman at many Chicago Public Schools. 
Why I joined NAB: Growing up with her great grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer's, she finds that by simply reading books and spending time with her great grandmother, she was able to build a meaningful and personal relationship. Hoangnghi believes that through NAB she will be able to build strong connections with the Alzheimer’s Buddies as she did with her great grandmother, and to bring out the beauty that is still left in each person. 
Future plans and hobbies: After graduating from UIC, Hoangnghi plans on attending dental school on the West Coast in hopes of one day to have her own dental clinic. In her free time, she enjoys going on long runs or going to the gym, she loves her kayak and can always be found kayaking at the river near her house in the summer.

Daisy Edmison, DIRECTOR:

What I do: Daisy is currently a second year student in the Honors College at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) studying Neuroscience on the Pre Medicine track. She is involved in various organizations and committees at UIC. She is a senior health educator for Peer Health Exchange where she educates multiple high school students on health related topics. She is also a part of the Honors Society of Future Physicians, and involved in the social and clinical committees of the organization. 
Why I joined NAB: She joined NAB because her grandmother suffers from dementia and currently requires full time care (which her family provides). Spending time, as well as living with her grandmother has allowed her to see how important it is to build connections with those who suffer from this disorder. She greatly enjoys helping others and believe NAB is a great way to help not only those who suffer from dementia but also those who interact with these individuals. She hopes to make great positive impact on her buddies, as well as the volunteers, as her grandmother has made on her.
Future plans and hobbies: After graduating from UIC, she will attend medical school. When she is not doing school related work, she greatly enjoys working out and staying fit. She also enjoys the outdoors and traveling.  

Unnathi Nagelli, Director:

What I do: She is a second-year Pre-Medicine, Neuroscience major at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a part of an organization at UIC called “Society of Future Physicians” which is an organization that provides service opportunities for Honors Pre-Medicine students and information about medical school processes. 
Why I joined NAB: She joined NAB because it is a cause that she is very passionate about as she saw her grandmother struggle with dementia growing up. By spending more time with her grandmother and bringing out her playful side, she was able to see a significant difference in her morale. She hopes to provide and facilitate similar interactions for other patients as well.  
Future plans and hobbies: After graduation, she plans to attend Medical School. In her free time, she enjoys watching Indian movies, singing, dancing, and spending time with family and friends.