Grace Kuffner, Director:

What I do: Grace Kuffner is a freshman at MIT planning to double major in biology and theater. When she's not researching the brain circuitry of Alzheimer's disease mouse models, she can be found onstage with the MIT Shakespeare Ensemble or the Musical Theater Guild.
Why I joined NAB: Throughout high school, Grace spent over 400 hours volunteering at a local assisted living, particularly with memory-impaired residents. Although it was hard work, the connections she made were priceless and incredibly rewarding. Grace is deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue making such connections and to share this feeling with others by co-founding a chapter of National Alzheimer's Buddies.
Future plans and hobbies: Grace hopes to attend medical school after college, and is considering an MD-PhD as well. Regardless of how her plans may change, she intends to pursue a career dedicated to serving others.

Jisoo Min, Director:

What I do: Jisoo is a sophomore at Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying Computer Science.
Why I joined NAB: With a confident hope for a better world where happiness triumphs over hardships, she hopes to learn more about and support the lives of those in need. Elderly with Alzheimer’s disease caught her attention.
Future plans and hobbies: As an inquisitive, passionate scientist, she has a broad dream of advancing the society and helping others by building and creating new things. In her free time, she enjoys swimming.

Catherine Roukhadze, director:

What I do: I am a sophomore at MIT studying biological engineering. I spend my time researching in the Griffith Lab on the Endometrium team, doing work with co-culturing stromal and epithelial cells in synthetic hydrogels. I also act as the volunteer coordinator for students on campus through MIT's Premedical Society and ARCTAN, MIT's chapter of the American Red Cross.
Why I joined NAB: Before I came to school, I worked as a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home. I quickly realized that it was truly incredible how fast you could make someone's day through a smile, a joke, or even a short conversation. I believe that everyone has something to share with the world, and that social interaction is such an important aspect of life that people lose as they get older. For the volunteer, it is humbling to inspiring to look at life from the perspective of another person, as well as understanding how positively they can impact those around them.
Future plans and hobbies: After graduating from MIT, I plan to attend medical school. Eventually, my hope is to get involved with women's reproductive health. When I don't have my nose buried in my textbooks, I spend my free time indoor rock climbing and skiing. I also love taking pictures, and learning about people and cultures in my travels!