Helen Collins, Director

What I do: Helen Collins is a Junior at Gordon College studying Biology and French. Helen is involved as an undergraduate research fellow in the biomedical field, a teacher's assistant, lab assistant, and is a passionate "healthnut". 
Why I joined NAB: Not only do I see the value of a personal relationship with an individual with dementia, but I also value the broader goals of Alzheimer's buddies. On a national scale, I hope Alzheimer's buddies will have a significant impact on the well being of Alzheimer's patients as well as the effectiveness in treating the disease. 
Future plans and hobbies: After graduating from Gordon College, I hope to live abroad in France and soon after continue graduate school in order to practice medicine. 

Gabrielle Capone, DIRECTOR

What I doGabrielle Capone is a sophomore at Gordon college who is studying biology. Gabrielle is a Student Ambassador and a Health Aid on campus. She also enjoys swimming and triathlons. 
Why I joined NAB: I find that Alzheimer's Buddies is a superb way to reach out and touch someone's life while giving them the opportunity to touch yours. Spending time with someone who suffers from dementia is a valuable learning experience and a great way to reach out in the community. Alzheimer's Buddies is doing impressive work in many people's lives and I am blessed to be involved. 
Future plans and hobbies: After graduation, I plan to continue schooling and practice medicine in New York.