Travels & Family Letters

Travels & Family Letters

I’m done with junior year and back at home! It’s exciting to be done with my year, crazy to think that ¾ of college is over, and wonderful to be back with family. Since the semester has ended, I went to Vietnam (for a Harvard program teaching high-schoolers and I taught one on “The Rise of Heart Disease”) and Japan (for fun for only a day). It’s been quite a whirlwind! I have sent pictures to my friends and family of my travels, including to Nancy’s* family. I know that she will love the wonderful pictures I sent - some seen below! 

Summer Visits 2018

Using the experience from last year, HCAB ran summer visits earlier this year to ensure the success of summer visits. I’m sad that I can't visit my buddy this semester and spend time with her - however, I was delighted to receive this email, below, today!

End of Semester Reflections

At the end of every semester, we have reflection session consisting of approximately 10 volunteers and facilitated by co-director. How it works is that we have a set of questions to go through and we talk about it. It's a great experience to talk about the highs and lows of the program and our experiences in it. In fact, it's similar to van reflections - we go around and talk about our weekly visits on our way back to Harvard in the vans - however, they are more in depth and longitudinal. 

Nancy's Art

Nancy's Art

Today, I went to see Nancy again. One of my favorite moments is when she talked about her art workshop. She’s a very creative individual - something that is clear from us talking about and reading poetry. Now, Nancy spends every week with an artist for an hour and fellow residents working on art. Specifically, Nancy enjoys doing sculptures of human faces. 

New Semester, New Volunteers, New Beginnings

Between research, service, and other things, I’ve managed to stay pretty busy. There’s no easy way to put it - Pearl passed away. Writing it out makes it that much more real. A lot has happened, as I said, but I think that time has managed to make it a lot more bearable. For me, it’s been really helpful knowing that Pearl passed away without pain and was so deeply loved by so many. Just as importantly…

Pearl's Birthday

Today was Pearl’s birthday, and she turned 102! It’s astounding how old she is - what an accomplishment. To be that old and be so happy and cheerful; to have loved ones who care for you and surround you; and to be in relatively good health - all wonderful things making her life meaningful and fulfilling.